Below, you will find a list of reasons as to why it is important to have a mobile friendly website.

  • Reach a Wide Variety of Customers Faster

    • Google grants websites that are mobile friendly. This is done by boosting your SEO (search engine optimisation), automatically broadening your client base. The benefits to you is that it could result in more traffic targeted to your website, providing a potential increase sales.
    • Not only are there benefits to you but also, the customer. The importance of creating the best user experience possible is crucial, as it is your aim to have customers revisit your site. If your customer is to perform a mobile search, they want to be able to find you almost instantly. So, by making sure that you are mobile friendly means that your clients won’t have to search through Google to find you, if they did this may results in them looking elsewhere.


  • Prioritising Mobile Friendly Sites

    • Boosting your search engine optimisation is extremely effective as mobile friendly websites are ranked better compared to those that aren’t. Customers are more likely to come across your site if it ranked higher by Google.
    • This is going to have a positive impact on your business as it is primarily boosting your credibility. The more that customers view your site as reliable the better it will be in regards to sales and expanding your client base, because people tend not to visit sites that aren’t portrayed as trustworthy.


  • Smartphones Are More Popular Than Ever

    • In this day and age almost everyone owns a smartphone, they are used regularly throughout the day. This is because reasons it is a quicker and easier way of connecting to the internet. The majority of purchases online are done via mobile. Consumers want to find what they are looking for quickly and by ensuring that your website is mobile friendly, you are able to meet their needs. This is  beneficial to you as you are more likely to gain a loyal customer base.
    • The size of your website will also be easily adapted to fit any size screen which is more visually pleasing for your audience. Portraying your business as legit and honest.


  • Portraying a Relevant Business

    • Your business may offer the best products within your industry but if the experience of your website on a mobile device is illustrated badly, then your business is probably going to suffer. Your demographic might not take you seriously which could possibly be detrimental to your reputation. Your website might be perceived as out dated which could result in customers turning to another business.
    • By ensuring that your website is mobile friendly you are going to be represented as modern and original. This is naturally going to appeal to your target audience, potentially resulting in an increase in business.


  • Functioning On All Devices

    • So that it is possible to create the best user experience, you are going to want your website to function well on all devices. Given that your site is built with responsive web design you should be able to provide the best experience possible.
    • Not only will this benefit you but, your customer. Your demographic are going to want to find your site without any stress, which will increase the chances of them visiting your site again. This is useful to your company as there is a greater chance for them becoming a regular customer.


More and more websites are being made mobile friendly everyday as we compete to keep our business high up in the ranking system of Google. Websites that aren’t yet mobile friendly are more than likely going to become extinct over time.

We advise that if you want your business to succeed, you have to make your site mobile friendly. For help and assistance making your site mobile friendly please get in touch.