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Why An SSL Certificate Is Vital For Your Website

Regardless of the type of website you have it is now vitally important that it has an SSL certificate. SSL stands for secure sockets layer. This will ensure that your site is secure and safe for your customers to use. Google highly recommends sites have them and even ranks secure sites better than insecure ones.

If you have an SSL certificate it will show in the web address bar at the top of your browser as ‘https’. If you don’t it will show ‘http’ showing your audience that this site is not secure, which could result in them looking elsewhere.

Up until a few years ago not many people knew about the importance of an SSL certificate but now more and more people understand the need for a secure and safe site.

There are many reasons as to why you need an SSL certificate and a few are listed beneath.

  1. Gaining Customers Trust

    • We have all been in that situation when online we’ve have been asked type in personal details, anything from your bank details to your email address. Imagine typing in your personal details in to a site that does not hold an SSL certificate, your details could fall into the wrong hands, which may leave you in a vulnerable position. People trust a website that is secure and take secure sites more seriously. By holding an SSL certificate it is providing your customers with piece of mind that they are safe to enter their personal details. If you are able to gain the trust of your audience then it will benefit your business as it will be portrayed as reliable which could result in an increase in sales and possibly, a boost in the number of website visitors.
  2. Improved Ranking In Google

    • Google are now trying to make all sites secure. Many people rely on SEO to boost their ranking in search engines but, holding an SSL certificate can do this too.  If you were to search for something in Google, the majority of sites on the first page would have ‘https’ in their URL. The ‘s’ stands for secure meaning that the site is safe to use, whereas, some sites only have ‘http’ at the start of their URL which indicates that this site is not secure. Providing that you are wanting your site to appear higher up in search engine rankings, it is important not only that customers trust you but search engines can too.
  3. Faster Site Speed

    • Site rankings are partially determined by the speed of your website. It is more likely that if you have an increased performance for your site, people are going to visit and revisit if they know that they don’t have to wait long for pages to load.
    • Appearing higher in search engine rankings also increases the chance of your website being seen by more people which is potentially broadening your client base. This is improving the analytics as more traffic will be driven towards your site.
  4. Helps To Protect Against Hackers

    • HTTPS is a secured text protocol which encrypts information between the website that you are using and your device so that the information inputted is practically unreadable. When inputting sensitive information such as credit card details or passwords it is essential that your site is secured with an SSL certificate. This will protect your customers from anyone that may be potentially trying to intercept the transmissions.
  5. Properly Displayed In Google Chrome

    • Google Chrome shows a message to website visitors alerting them when site do not display an SSL certificate. When most people see messages like this, they tend not to explore your site any further. This could be detrimental to your business as you won’t be expanding your audience and gaining any new customers.
    • As of 2018, Google are changing the way that none secure sites are viewed by showing visitors messages like this. Chrome will only show your website to people after the warning message has been displayed. It is highly likely that other internet browsers will follow.

Despite whether or not you have a small brochure style website or a large e-commerce website, it is crucial that you have taken all the security measures possible to ensure your site is safe for customers to use. Even your contact forms need to be secure. You will be able to boost customer engagement with an SSL certificate as you are establishing a level of trust. Your company will also be viewed as more credible and hopefully turn a website visitor in to a customer.

To add an SSL certificate to your website or for any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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