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What Is QR Code?

Real Time Web Solutions QR Code

Real Time Web Solutions QR Code


QR (or Quick Response) code is a matrix bar code that is becoming more and more popular as they can be read by mobile phones.

You’ll see QR codes appearing on business cards, in magazines, blogs, websites and even on clothing. Simply scanning the QR code with your mobile phone can take your directly to a website, a special offer, a discount coupon, or a multitude of other resources.

If you have a QR scanner enabled mobile phone (simply search for free QR code scanner apps on your phone) you can scan our QR Code opposite and be taken directly to our website in an instant, with no typing required at all.

The advantages of such a system become obvious when you scan QR codes in magazines, on business cards or even bill-boards.

At Real Time Web Solutions we include your own QR Code with every website we build.

For more details on QR code technology please call us on 0844-870-8591 or email us.


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