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What Is Google Beacon?

If you have a ‘Google My Business’ account, you may have already received a Google Beacon and could be wondering, what is it? How does it work? Should I be using it? How will it benefit my business?

What is Google Beacon?

Google Beacon is a small device that sends out signals. These signals can be picked up via Bluetooth on devices close by, such as smartphones. Beacons are used to mark physical locations, the signals give an accurate reading as to where the beacon is located. Mobile devices automatically connect when they are in close proximity to the beacon. The aim of the Beacon Project is to try to gain data that tells you about the customers visiting your business.

As Google Beacon works via Bluetooth. It’s best if you try to locate it in the centre of your premises. You’ll need to make sure that if you have businesses next door you don’t locate it too close to them as it might pick up their customers. To active your Google Beacon you will be provided with an access code and the registration is simple.

Advantages of Google Beacon

Depending on the type of business you are, being found easily may be vital to you. Google Beacon would be another way to help your customers and potential customers find you. This is advantageous to your customers too and you’ll want to make it as easy as possible to ensure they revisit.

  • One advantage to your business is that you will be able to track time frames. If you have periods where there could be long waiting times you’ll be able to get the message out to other clients quickly. This could potentially be beneficial as they would know to book in a ahead of time. Thus reducing your waiting times. Portraying the idea that you’re a popular business is also good for your reputation.
  • Customers could help boost your reviews as they could send in up-to-date photographs. Hopefully, this would attract more customers.
  • Google Beacon also allows you to send out recent updates and the latest news. Keeping your customers updated is important, it keeps you fresh in their minds and relevant to them. This can be sent to people within the immediate area, giving them a chance to visit you for the first time or revisit you.
  • You can engage with your customers by gathering check-ins.
  • Google Beacon improves your businesses visibility on Google Maps, making it even easier to find you.
  • You can offer directions to people who are walking. Providing that next level of customer service as it keeps customers coming back.

Why Should We Be Using Them?

For marketing and researchers, Google Beacon could be highly beneficial. You can see the amount of time customers are spending at your company and alter your marketing strategy to suit. For the right business, attracting new customers is made that little bit easier with the use of Google Beacon as notifications you send out are opened on average just over 50% of the time, whereas a standard push notification is opened just over 10%. This higher response rate could be because people receiving your notifications will be within a close range of your business making them more likely to visit. Over time, having a Google Beacon should help you gain a better insight into your customers behaviour.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and if you’d like any further information on how we can help boost your businesses visibility please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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