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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the term used to describe an online marketing system where website owners (your affiliates) send visitors to your site and when those visitors purchase one of your products you pay your affiliate a commission.

Affiliate Programs are HUGELY successful because:

1) – You only pay on results

2) – You can greatly increase your sales network and  increase link popularity

In fact, so successful is the affiliate concept that many affiliates now make their living full time, selling other peoples products. Most online retailers agree that they could not have experienced anywhere near the growth they have without their network of affiliates.

Many experienced affiliates know exactly what to look for when considering taking on a new program so its important that you can offer them the features that they will be looking for. Because Affiliate Trail™ is amongst the most advanced and feature rich software available it enables you to capture those high flying affiliates to sell your products and increase your sales like you never dreamed was possible.

Visitors referred to your website by your affiliates are tracked using a unique ID embedded in the advertisement code and the process of creating ads, generating unique ID’s, tracking visitor traffic and purchases, paying affiliates etc is all controlled using a single piece of software called affiliate tracking software.

Real Time Web Solutions are the owners of Affiliate Trail,  low cost fully featured affiliate software that enables you to run your own affiliate program, boost traffic, sales and profits.

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