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  • 0844-870-8591

  • Calls cost up to 7p per minute plus your phone company's access charge.
  • 0844-870-8591

  • Calls cost up to 7p per minute plus your phone company's access charge.

Top Email Marketing Tips

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Top Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing, when performed correctly can deliver an outstanding return on investment.

These few tips will help you on your road to a successful email marketing campaign.

1. Target Your Audience

On the whole, the scatter gun approach (emailing on mass to thousands of random email addresses) does not work.

You should carefully select your audience and target those who need your product or service. First of all target your own customers, you already have their trust and you have their details to personalise your emails.

After that you might want to purchase email lists but again choose your lists carefully and only target those in the correct sectors that may want your product or service.

2. Personalise your emails

Research has shown that email open rates ( the number of people that actually open and look at your emails) are boosted by up to 400% by personalising them to include your customers’ name.

3. Use your own ‘from’ email address

Use email software that will allow you to send emails from you. Your customers recognise your name, you will bypass more spam filters and your open rates will be higher.

4. Create an attention grabbing subject line

In many cases the subject line will be all people will see and if this doen’t catch their attention your email may just get deleted. Make sure it’s interesting and ‘on-subject’ and make sure you use email software that has the facility to personalise the subject line too.

5. Send out both text and HTML versions

Good email software will allow you to send out both text and HTML versions of the same email at the same time. Where a customer has set their email client to text only, they’ll receive your text version whereas customers without this restriction will receive the HTML version.

6. Be clear and concise in your message

Short, to-the-point messages are best. Your audience will have limited time to read your emails so keep it brief, to the point and provide a clear call to action e.g. Call Us Now, or Click Here

7. Always include an unsubscribe link

Make it easy for people to unsubscribe from your mailing list. Use email software that will do this automatically for you.

8. Track your results and follow up

Use email software that tracks the dates and times that emails are opened and which links in your emails they clicked. This powerful information lets you know exactly which customers are interested in what products/services.

9. Don’t spend a fortune

Did you know that Real Time Web Solutions can provide you with software to do all of the above from just £20 per month! Call us on 0844 870 8591 or email us on for more details.