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Search Engine Optimisation

The Importance of SEO

SEO (search engine optimisation) is the process of gaining traffic from the organic search results within search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO is vitally important for most websites. All search engines have a primary results page. This is where all web pages are ranked based on what it considers to be most relevant to the user. Ultimately, your aim is to make sure that these search engines view your website as being the most relevant, in order to place you higher. There are many aspects that help boost SEO and with today’s competitive market it’s crucial that you have good SEO.

  • Better For Business

    • One reason as to why SEO is so important is due to the fact that, most users tend to click on the first few links that appear on the search engines’ first results page and rarely visit page 2 or beyond. Therefore, more traffic is gained by the websites on the first page. So, if you want your business to become more successful you’ll need to boost your SEO. Being at the top also improves your credibility. It presents the idea that this is the most visited site therefore, has to be legit.
  • Positive User Experience

    • Ensuring that your website is on that first page, it is guaranteed that you’ll gain more clicks probably resulting in an increase in sales and loyal customers. Potential clients are also going to have a better user experience as they won’t have to flick through page after page to find you. It’s important that you provide this for your customers. People want fast results so creating a good experience could turn them in to a loyal customer.
  • Gaining an Edge on Your Competition

    • Despite what business you’re in you will undoubtedly have competitors. If you can reach a place in the top results of a search engine, you’ll probably have the upper hand. Improving your sites visibility has many benefits. The website that has the best SEO will be increasing their click through rate, client base and credibility. However, just because you are on that first page doesn’t necessarily mean that it is what users are looking for. You have to make sure that your content stays relevant and fresh so that customers don’t start to lose interest and turn to another site.
  • It Is Cost Effective

    •  SEO is relatively cheap for the impact that it is going to have, certainly cheaper than pay-per-click advertising. Unlike pay-per-click, SEO also takes time and you should plan on a campaign of at least 6 moths before you start to see results, more if you’re in a very competitive sector. Obviously SEO costs money to carry out but the benefits it can reap can be tremendous. You should think of it as more like a business investment, a sales person working away for you 24 hours per day. Compared to the ROI if done right, the investment is minimal.
    • As well as increasing sales you gain new clients,  expand your audience and gain increased conversions and CTR (click through rate).
  • Beneficial to Other Channels

    • Not many people realise but having great SEO can also raise awareness of your other platforms, like social media.
    • People that are finding you on search engines, are more likely to promote it on other channels. If you link your site to other platforms, they’re more likely to visit these as well leading them to like/share your posts.

Search engine optimisation is an amazing way of optimising your website to ensure search engines understand it better, resulting in higher rankings. It is a crucial part of expanding your business and web presence to reach your companies goals.

If you have any questions or require help in delivering SEO for your website, please contact us today.



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