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Polar Pumps Lift Their Search Engine Rankings

Polar Pumps is a South Yorkshire based company providing commercial and industrial refrigeration, air-conditioning installations, training and maintenance.

They have a brochure style website that showcases their training courses and they recognise the need to gain enquiries from search engines (in particular Google) to promote their courses as part of their overall on-line marketing strategy.  In February 2012 they contacted us here at Real Time Web Solutions to deliver a targeted Internet marketing plan to increase their ‘visibility’ in search engines.

Firstly, we conducted keyword research to establish exactly which words and phrases they should focus on. This was critical to ensure we targeted the most cost effective and, where possible, the least competitive keywords.

Using the experience we have gained over the last 16 years in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) we then performed a whole host of on-site optimisation techniques to ensure search engines had the necessary information they needed to rank the site well for our chosen keywords.

We then set about performing ‘off-site’ optimisation which is the process of promoting the site using external factors not influenced by the website itself.

By April 2012 we are already seeing significant results and a three-fold jump in website visitor numbers.

Five of Polars chosen search phrases such as ‘F Gas Training’ and ‘Ammonia Training Course’ are already ranking on the first page of Google despite being over 7 Million results to compete against.

Whilst it is still very early days it is clear that Polar Pumps’ investment in an Internet marketing plan with Real Time Web Solutions will prove extremely beneficial and pay for itself many times over.

If you’d like to discuss what we can do to promote your website please speak to Jayson Gray on 0844-870-8591 or drop us an email.

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