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Low Cost Social Media Package

[important]Imagine if you could promote a new product or service to thousands of people this afternoon for virtually no  cost?[/important]

What if all you had to do was send one email which turned into a well written blog, and appeared on Twitter and Facebook in front of thousands of potential customers within hours?

Social Media is an amazing platform to promote your business and gain new sales but many business owners don’t know where to start, and even if they did, many don’t have the time.

Creating blogs,  Facebook business pages, Twitter accounts etc. can all be very daunting to the uninitiated and very time consuming.

This Is Where We Come In

We have developed an all-in-one low cost, Social Media package that includes:

  • Creating and setting up of a company BLOG
  • Creating and setting up of a company FACEBOOK page
  • Creating and setting up of a TWITTER account
  • The writing and posting of blogs, including text and images
  • The posting of those blogs onto your Facebook page
  • The posting of those blogs to your Twitter account

Imagine the exposure this could give your business?

And the best part is the cost, just £65 per month takes care of it all. Your entire Social Media Marketing operation working tirelessly, 365 days a year, generating enquiries and sales.

Contact us now using the form below.

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* Please note: A £90 set-up charge and minimum 3 month agreement applies.

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