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SEO Factors

How Your Domain Name Can Effect Your SEO

Periodically we write micro blogs about key elements for effective search engine optimisation (SEO), just short interesting snippets that all help to increase your search rankings.

#1 Todays blog is about your… Domain Name.

Domain Age

Google have acknowledged that domain name age is a factor in search engine optimisation. As a general rule of thumb an older domain name will rank better than a newer domain.

Length of Domain Registration

Valuable domain names are often paid for years in advance. As opposed to spam domains that are normally registered for the minimum period. Google therefore takes in to account your domain name registration period.

Key Word and Key Word Position Within Your Domain

Having the featured key word in your domain name and preferably as the first word of your domain name can give you an edge in SEO.

Domain Previous History

A domain name with a troublesome history such as linked to spamming or multiple owners could be an indicator to Google that your site is not to be trusted. Therefore, may not rank as well.

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