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How Outbound Links Effect your SEO

We periodically write micro blogs about factors that effect your website SEO.

#2 Today’s micro blog is about… Outbound Links

Effects on SEO

It’s a pretty well known fact nowadays that ‘inbound’ links (getting other websites to link to your own website) can have a very positive effect. But did you know your website should also contain some ‘outbound’ links?

Why Create Outbound Links?

The whole web is based on links and what goes around comes around. Links benefit your neighbour, your suppliers, your customers and of course your website visitors. Linking to other sites that contain content relevant to your visitors is adding value and your visitors are likely to appreciate your site as a valuable source of information. Google can also look at the sites you link to and use them to determine what your site is about. If your site is based on a particular subject but you link sites with the opposite content, Google can get confused. It may believe your site is based on your link rather than your content.

Linking To Too Many Sites

Even though incorporating links in your website can have a positive outcome, linking too many times can have a negative effect. Too many links can take away the focus on the main content. This would effect your SEO which could potentially divert traffic from your website, effecting your business.

We hope you enjoyed today’s micro blog. Please call back regularly to see what topic is covered next.

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