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SEO Factors

How is User Interaction Effecting Your SEO?

We periodically write micro blogs about factors that effect your website SEO.

#3 Today’s micro blog is about…User Interaction

Website Traffic

Google gathers data from Chrome to find out how many people visit a site and how often and considers sites that have more traffic to be of a higher quality. It’s a fact that sites with a lot of traffic generally rank higher in Google and website visitors tend to trust a site more if it is ranked higher in search engines. If your site has repeat visitors then you may also get a boost in your SEO rankings.

Site Comments

Comments on your pages can be a good indication of user interaction and Google have stated that comments on your website can help increase your SEO rankings.


If someone has bookmarked your site in Google Chrome then the chances are that your site will have a boost in its search engine rankings.

Time Spent on Your Website

Google will pays attention to the amount of time your visitors spend on your site. The time they spend on your website says a lot about the site and your brand. If there is a longer amount of time spent on your site it probably contains a lot of interesting content. This portrays the idea that your site is relevant to the users’ search. Conversely, if people don’t spend much time on your site it’ll give Google the idea your site doesn’t meet the criteria of the search, therefore, pushing your website further down in it’s rankings.


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