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Google Responsive Search Ads

Google’s New Responsive Search Ads

Responsive Search Ads from Google are here – well, in beta form at least. Instead of only creating one headline, Responsive Search Ads allow you to write multiple headlines and descriptions which Google then rotates dynamically to effectively create more than one ad. This could help you reach a wider audience and target better by highlighting the most relevant information.

What Do Responsive Search Ads Offer?

Responsive Search Ads allow you to add up to 15 headlines and 4 descriptions in the same ad. Google then automatically rotates them to find what performs best. Ultimately, the aim is to to turn one ad into multiple ads. In theory, the more headlines and descriptions that you add should create more opportunities for you to reach your target audience. In addition to the increase in headlines and descriptions, Responsive Search Ads also offer a slightly longer description at 90 characters. Compared to the standard 80 in expanded text ads.

Should We Use Them?

Greater use of ad space is created when using Responsive Search Ads. This would result in you being in a stronger position on-page because your ad will be taking up more room. This should mean more visibility for you. One ad allows you to have the opportunity to focus on the main selling points, possibly boosting your CTR (click through rate) as well. Although still in beta format we recommend using Responsive Search Ads. Compared to other search ads, early indications are that Responsive Search Ads have around 20% higher click through rate.

As you are effectively creating multiple ads via a single ad its also less time consuming to create a Responsive Search Ad. Then Google will figure out what is  working best for you, so you don’t have to. Responsive ads are still in beta phase and might not be available to everyone’s account at the moment. However, once logged in to your account you can see if they are available to you.

Google is currently encouraging their use so no doubt soon enough your competitors will be using them too.


Due to the fact that Responsive Search Ads are still fairly new, there isn’t a huge amount of data to support whether or not they’ll work better for you than expanded text ads but in theory they should. You also have limited control over how your ads will be viewed. This is because Google is automatically working out the best ad rotation and combination. If you prefer that things done in a certain way then this might not be the best option for you but they are worth a try and see how your CTR etc goes.

If you have any questions about how we can help increase your sites visibility using Responsive Search Ads in Google Ads please contact us.


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