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Google Algorithm Updates August – September 2018

Here is what we know about a few of Googles algorithm updates during 2018.

The Speed Update

Back in July this year page speed became a permanent factor in SEO in respect to mobile searches. This has been referred to as the ‘Speed Update’ and mainly affects pages that aren’t delivering a fast enough user experience. It is going to affect these pages because search engines want to ensure that they’re meeting the needs of its users. If your website has a high ranking but isn’t necessarily fast then search engines may no longer ‘honour’ your current ranking position. Unfortunately, for websites that aren’t giving their users the quickest experience possible their ranking in search engines will likely be lowered.

How Site Speed is Affecting SEO

People need and expect to find what they are looking for very quickly. Speed has been a factor when it comes to SEO for a while now although the signal was mainly targeted at desktop searches. If you have a slow website then the chances are that your search engine ranking will pay the price. Despite the technology that is used to build your site, this rule applies to everyone. So, to ensure that your site gets the highest ranking it possibly can, you need to make sure your site is as fast as possible.

What Customers Expect

According to surveys, practically half of web users want a site that loads in no more than 4 seconds. Ideally, less than this. If the site hasn’t loaded within up to 8 seconds, they tend to give up and look elsewhere. Almost 80% of people who shop online said they would not return to a site if they knew they had to wait too long for it to load. Just under 50% of these people would also share their bad experience.

Not only are slow sites losing these customers but they are also losing the opportunity to expand their business with that users friends, family and colleagues as the chances are that they are going to share similar interests with these people. This is bad for you as your brand will be gaining a bad reputation. Possibly, without you even knowing. Hence why is it so important that you ensure every SEO factor, such as page speed, is meeting the expectation of your website visitors.

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