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Converting Visitors To Customers Using Live Chat

Live chat instantly allows you to connect with your website visitors through instant messaging on your site. A live chat box appears in the corner of the screen usually asking something along the lines of ‘Hi, how can we help?’. Visitors can then reply if they have any questions or queries about your products and services.

Here’s some mind boggling statistics from a recent survey:

  1. 62% of website visitors using a mobile said they expected websites to offer live chat
  2. Live chat is expected to grow by almost 90% in the next 12-18 months
  3. 42% of people preferred live chat to sending an email
  4. 77% of people refused to make a purchase on e-commerce websites if there was no live chat facility
  5. 63% of customers were more likely to return to a website with live chat
  6. There was a 10% increase in the order value on sites where customers engaged in live chat prior to purchasing
  7. Live chat increased sales conversion rates by a massive 40%


  • Using Live Chat

Surprisingly, not many businesses have installed live chat yet which means you can get in early and get an edge on your competition. It’s a great way of engaging with your website visitors, hopefully turning them into clients resulting in an increase in sales, which is what every business wants. One key benefit to live chat is that it can help you to gain a better understanding of your customers needs. This may adapt the way you look at your marketing campaigns and adjust aspects that will benefit you both in the long run.

Customers love live chat as they are able to receive an instant reply. In this day and age it is unlikely that people are going to wait around for a reply for a day or two, they’re most probably going to look elsewhere as they’ll lose patience. Adding a live chat facility to your website helps include your audience. In a way, it is almost like developing that bond/friendship between both of you which will persuade them to come back and visit your site again. It may also turn them in to a loyal, frequent customer. There is a great importance of creating quality customer service as this is what is going to give you a positive reputation.

  • When Should You Use Live Chat?

Using live chat has to be well thought out in regards to the time that you will want to use it. There is no point using live chat if there is no one there to answer any messages. If anything, customers are probably going to be annoyed at the fact that they aren’t receiving an instant reply back. It will be best to operate this when you’re in the office and know you’ll be able to reply all day.

You should use live chat if you are wanting to increase sales and conversions. It is a great way of capturing people while on your site as you never know how much time they’re going to spend on there. As well as this, you can use it to track how your website is being used by visitors. Example, you’ll be able to track how many times a day or week people have asked the same questions. This is part of how you can adapt your website information to benefit your clients.

Providing customer service has to be a continuous cycle. Every business can create social media channels and websites but it’s significant to open every door possible to achieve the best level of customer service. If you’d be interested in adding live chat to your website to capture your website visitirs, please contact us.

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