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Live Chat

Converting Visitors To Customers Using Live Chat

Live chat instantly allows you to connect with your website visitors through instant messaging on your site. A live chat box appears in the corner of the screen usually asking something along the lines of ‘Hi, how can we help?’. Visitors can then reply if they have any questions or queries about your products and […]

Website Security

Why Do Websites Get Hacked?

We’ve all heard about web sites getting hacked and the problems it can cause. Even the big players like Microsoft and Apple who spend millions on security get hacked so its no surprise that your website could be compromised at some point. But why do small sites get hacked? Most people struggle to understand why […]

Free SEO Ranking Tool

Ever wondered how your website ranks in search engines? We’ve added a FREE SEO AUDIT TOOL for a real time report.

Secure websites to be prioritised in Google search

Google has announced that it is going to give preference to secure websites in its search rankings. It has trialled highlighting secure pages in search results and will now roll it out across its algorithms. “We’ve seen positive results, so we’re starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal,” Google announced. This decision could encourage more […]

Websites wiped out by ‘super-storm’ Sandy

Super storm Sandy has taken out large numbers of websites as power cuts hit Lower Manhattan, news sources report. Huffington Post, Gizmodo and Buzzfeed were amongst those affected. It’s thought a battery failure at a data centre was the cause as flooding hit the building. Some sites with co-located servers reported back on-line later but […]

Employees @ Facebook $5 Billion Richer

Some of Facebook’s employees who between them hold 225 million restricted stock units see their ‘paper’ fortune materialised tomorrow at a closing share price today of $23.23. That makes them around $5.2 Billion richer at the closing price. They have to wait until Monday the 29th of October before they cash them in and whilst it may not be quite as […]

What Is QR Code?

  QR (or Quick Response) code is a matrix bar code that is becoming more and more popular as they can be read by mobile phones. You’ll see QR codes appearing on business cards, in magazines, blogs, websites and even on clothing. Simply scanning the QR code with your mobile phone can take your directly […]

Hackers target BitTorrent

File sharing website BitTorrent was compromised this morning as hackers were able to inject a scare ware program into their download software. BitTorrent stated that any downloads from the site overnight could potentially contain the scare ware, which creates pop up fake virus warnings and prompts users to pay for removal.      

Facebook Turns Over £1 Billion In 6 Months

According to Reuters news agency Facebook has generated turnover of £1 Billion ($1.6 Billion) in the first six months of 2011 and made a net income of £312 Million ($500 Million). As Facebook is a privately owned company it doesn’t disclose financial results but the figures are said to have been supplied by an inside […]

Twitter Launch Analytics

Social media platform Twitter has launched a new analytics tool. Twitter Web Analytics is designed to show publishers how much of their content is being shared on Twitter, how much traffic publishers are receiving from Twitter and how effective their Tweet buttons are. The free tool is currently being beta tested before being rolled out […]