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SEO Factors

Back-link Factors

Periodically we write micro blogs about elements that are influential for effective search engine optimisation (SEO). These are just short snippets that will help you to increase your search engine visibility.

#4 Today’s blog is about… Back-link factors.

Linking Domain Age

It can be more powerful to link an older domain rather than a newly registered domain.

Number of Pages Linked

The total number of linking pages can have an impact on rankings. Even if they are from the same domain. Links that are from a separate c-class IP address suggest a wider range of sites are linking to you. Potentially, helping you with your rankings.


Back-link anchor text can provide a more accurate description of a website than the web page itself. Anchor text isn’t as important as it was before, but, in small doses, keyword anchor text sends strong signals regarding how relevant your site is.

Number of Root Domains

The number of domains is one of the key factors according to Google’s algorithm. It shows that the more domain names there are on a site, the better your position.

Links From Competitors

It can be more valuable for a page’s ranking for that particular keyword to have links from other pages that fall under the same category within SERP.

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